Student Architect Sketch Competition

Once again this fall, Dyron Murphy Architects, P.C. sponsors the second annual Native American Student Architect Sketch Competition (SASC) in an effort to bring creativity back to our schools while also encouraging positive learning. Students were asked to submit a drawing of their community. The theme this year is “Imagine your Community…Re-Imagined”. We encourage all grade levels from K-12 to participate!!!

Click on the flyer below for more information.

SASC Packets.indd



Grades 4-6

First Place: Andrell Garcia

Second Place: Isaac Bowannie

Grades 7-9

There was a tie in this grade level group. Both Gerald John and Dominic Tenorio are first place winners!

Grades 10-12

First Place: Brandon Palmer

Second Place: Rafael Begaye

Congratulations to each of the winners! And thank you to everyone who submitted a drawing! Each artist will receive a grade-level prize pack for their participation. Our staff had a great time reviewing all of the artwork!


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