Winners of the SASC 2014!!

Congrats to all the winners and a big thanks to all the kids who participated!! Great job everyone!!!

1st PLACE - Jayme Ide_K-3Jayme Ide – 1st place (K-3)

1st PLACE - TCrowder_drawing_4-6Tenley Crowder – 1st place (4-6)

1st PLACE - CrystalannaManuelito_7-9Crystalanna Manuelito – 1st place (7-9)

1st PLACE - Brandon Archuleta_10-12Brandon Archuleta – 1st place (10-12)

2nd PLACE - Liam Bia_K-3Liam Bia – 2nd place (K-3)

2nd PLACE - Alliyah_4-6Alliyah – 2nd place (4-6)

2nd PLACE - AdriannaBedonie - 7-9Adrianna Bedonie – 2nd place (7-9)

2nd PLACE - Larry Rosetta_10-12Larry Rosetta – 2nd place (10-12)

3rd PLACE - Cayleen Hurley_K-3Cayleen Hurley – 3rd place (K-3)

3rd PLACE - Charelle Brown_10-12Charelle Brown – 3rd place (10-12)



1 thought on “Winners of the SASC 2014!!

  1. Cograds to all the winners hats off to the three 1st thru 3rd place in the k-3 students whom are all from Rehoboth Christian Elem. School .. Great JOb!~!!

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