Conserving Resources, Protecting Budgets: The EcoHouse Study

Ecohouse_View SE_2013web

The original EcoHouse prototype, designed for the Arizona climate.

Is it possible to design a highly-efficient, durable, and affordable house in a rural location? All too often, quality of design suffers due to budget constraints, and sustainability becomes an item buried on a long-forgotten wish list. Realizing the need to integrate sustainable initiatives with high-quality housing designs in rural locations, the Dyron Murphy Architects team set out to develop a housing prototype that Native Housing Authorities across the country could adapt to meet their needs. The resulting project was the DMA “EcoHouse”.

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Keeping Inventory: Assessing Your Facilities


DMA is currently assessing more than 800 housing units for the Navajo Housing Authority.

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time for spring cleaning. For many of our clients, the beginning of the year is also an ideal time to kick off a comprehensive facilities conditions assessment. Whether it’s an inventory of conditions of buildings on campus or a vast contingent of housing properties across numerous locations, a facilities condition assessment is a great way to prioritize future projects.

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