Evolution & Emergence


In 2001, we established Dyron Murphy Architects, P.C. with a common vision to provide quality architectural services to the Native American community. Since then, our firm has met key benchmarks in reinforcing that particular vision by delivering exceptional services on a wide variety of projects across Native America. Rather than specializing in a specific type of architecture, we choose to specialize in high quality work and customer service and have maintained a flexible approach to best serve our clients.

The architecture industry has experienced significant impacts and changes since we started our firm. We have found our clients establishing highly unique needs and demands affecting project delivery. We have responded to evolving client needs and industry standards by maintaining honest and open communication, and by staying up-to-date with industry technology. Our business model is rooted in capturing the essence of tradition, modernity and innovation, in order to provide you with services that meet your unique needs. Most importantly however, we believe in following a simple approach to working with our clients: collaborate and communicate.

In this spirit of change, you may have noticed our new company logo – it is a testament to the idea that we reevaluate all areas of our practice. We continue this by consistently providing you with the most relevant and culturally appropriate design solutions. We have preserved practice elements we know are proven and effective, yet recognize the need to continually update our practice to respond to the technological, social, economic and cultural impacts we encounter in our work.

We are a Native-owned architectural firm with a strong commitment to our clients. We employ a diverse group of individuals with vastly different backgrounds, coming together to collaborate on successful projects. We continue to evolve our practice in a manner that respects the tradition of ensuring what we deliver remains in the best interests of our clients.

Our team of dedicated professionals looks forward to continuing our relationships, and, as always, strives to deliver your vision supported by sound ethics, sensitivity, and excellence.


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