Cement Plant Tour (Is Awesome!)

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This place is awesome. The plant can produce 500,000 tons of cement per year. Right now they are running at ½ capacity. The enormous spinning tube is the kiln, which goes from 1,400 degrees at one end to 3,000 degrees at the other. At the hot side there are over a dozen industrial fans blowing on the outside of the kiln to keep it from warping. Make sure you check out the videos at the end of the photos. Continue reading


Design(less) Build(ish)

In case you haven’t noticed, the building design and construction industry has been leaning more and more towards the Design-Build (D-B) method of project delivery. There has been a lot of politicking about how D-B is faster, cheaper, and in general, better than traditional Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) projects. On the surface, those claims can be pretty easy to substantiate by picking and choosing a few moderately successful projects to showcase. However, once you dig a little deeper, you may begin to see that D-B is NOT for everyone. Now don’t get me wrong. D-B is perfectly fine as a method of project delivery, under the right circumstances! Continue reading