Be’eldííl Dah Sinil – Navajo name for Albuquerque

The Dine’ name for Albuquerque is “the place of buildings with church bells on top.” The early Navajo people gave it that name because they noticed that at the time, it was community with a lot churches and public buildings with bells on the roof. They also could see the bells on top of the church buildings in the distance and used it as a guide to travel to Albuquerque to trade, sell at the market place or to visit a family member in the hospital.

It is now used as a descriptive word to describe a location in conjunction with Albuquerque, such as Old Town, a house or even a hospital in Albuquerque.

 Word Breakdown-  “Be’eldííl”- ringing bells, “Dah”- high up above, “Sinil”- it is placed or positioned.


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